Italian authorities will introduce new restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic

Italian authorities will introduce new restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic

The Italian government does not intend to introduce unified additional restrictive measures in connection with the growing spread of the new type of coronavirus. As Prime Minister of the Republic Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday, speaking in the lower house of parliament, it is planned to restrict movement in the “late hours”, as well as between regions that pose the greatest risk of infection.

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He specified that the new measures will be included in the next appropriate order. “In introducing new restrictive measures aimed at containing the pandemic, we intend to approach in a non-uniform manner, relying on the principle of proportionality to the level of risk and the current situation. Museums and exhibitions, shopping centers on weekends and holidays, all gaming halls, as well as movement in late hours without good reason and entry and exit from regions posing the greatest risk are restricted, ” Conte said. In addition, the entire high school is being transferred to distance learning.

The head of government explained that now the general epidemiological situation in the country differs from the first wave in the spring, as shown by the figures. Despite a significant increase in the number of new infections, the number of hospitalized people, including in intensive care units, is incomparably smaller in proportion. Conte also pointed out that a huge amount of work has been done over the past months to ensure the screening of infections. “If in the spring 25 thousand tests were done, now their number reaches 250 thousand, and with the increase in express tests, this number may soon be 350 thousand per day,” Conte said. It is planned to involve district doctors and military doctors in the tests.

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Nevertheless, the situation raises serious concern, according to the prime minister, primarily in terms of the growing burden on the healthcare system. Conte explained that the Ministry of Health, on the basis of “objective scientific criteria”, will define three “risk zones”, which will be subject to more or less strict restrictions according to the level of infection.

After the prime minister’s speech, which will also take place in the upper house (Senate) during the day, parliamentarians must approve the government’s line. In the near future, the government will issue an order supplementing previous similar documents on measures to contain the pandemic, which will provide details, including the timing of these measures.

The daily increase in new cases of infection in reached 30 thousand, the ratio of tests and detected infected exceeded 15%. The spread of the virus (Rt) in the country is higher than 1.5 and in some areas has reached 2.

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