Iran’s new president refuses to meet with Biden

Iran's new president refuses to meet with Biden

Ibrahim Raisi demanded the lifting of U.S. while saying that he was not going to meet with the American president.

The newly elected President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, demanded that the US lift sanctions, but refused to meet with US President Joe Biden. The politician made this statement at his first press conference since the election. His words on Monday, June 21, are quoted by Reuters.

Thus, Raisi called on Washington to immediately return to the 2015 and lift all previously imposed on Iran. In addition, Raisi noted that Iran’s ballistic missile program is not subject to discussion.

At the same time, the politician refused to meet with the American leader even if all were lifted.

Presidential elections were held in Iran on June 18. The victory of Raisi, who served as the chairman of the Supreme Court, was announced on June 19. The politician is under US on charges of persecuting and executing political prisoners in the 1980s.

The US State Department promised that Washington will continue negotiations with Tehran on a return to the nuclear deal of 2015 and under the new leadership of the country.

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