India expects the rise in COVID cases

India expects the rise in COVID cases

The peak incidence of  infection is predicted in the first week of May. In the country-208 thousand deaths.

In India, the peak incidence of could be reached next week — from May 3 to 5, according to a mathematical model by scientists advising the government. According to the previous forecast, the peak was expected a few days later, writes Reuters.

“We think that by next week, the daily cases across the country will peak,” said M. Vidyasagar, head of the government-appointed team of scientists modeling the development of the epidemic in the country.

India, which is in second place after the United States in the number of infected, for several days in a row reported more than 300 thousand new COVID cases. On Friday, a world “record” for cases per day was reached — 386,452.

The authorities had to turn to other countries for help, buying medicines, oxygen, and basic necessities.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, has recorded 18.8 million cases of infection and 208 thousand deaths.

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