In Turkey, the “right hand” of the former head of ISIS was detained

In Turkey, the “right hand” of the former head of ISIS was detained

Turkish police have detained a militant of the terrorist group “Islamic State”, who was the right-hand man of the former leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This was reported by the newspaper Yeni Safak.

The operation was carried out by Turkish police and members of the national intelligence organization in the Atashehir district of Istanbul. The militant was detained after leaving the house, before that he was monitored for a long time. Law enforcement officers conducted a search in the apartment where the detainee lived. Mobile phones, digital materials, and photographs were seized.

The terrorist entered three years ago with forged documents. He was responsible for the group’s military infrastructure, participated in many Syrian terrorist attacks, and trained the militants.

Earlier, the Afghan services detained Ghulam Nasser in Kabul — one of the leaders of the international terrorist organization “Islamic State” in Kabul.

It is noted that Ghulam Nasser, better known as Al-Khorasani, was also the leader of the Afghan radical movement “Taliban”.

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