In the US, a man jumped out of a plane taxiing on the runway

In the US, a man jumped out of a plane taxiing on the runway

The incident occurred after an argument between a jumper and another passenger. The offender was detained and hospitalized.

At the Los Angeles airport, a passenger on a United Express flight that was taxiing to the runway jumped out of it after a fight on board. This was reported by CNN on Saturday, June 26.

According to reports, there was a quarrel between two men in the cabin of the plane, which turned into a fight. At this time, one of the participants in the opened the door of the aircraft, activating the emergency shutter, and jumped out onto the taxiway.

According to eyewitnesses, before voluntarily leaving the plane, the man knocked on the door of the cockpit.

During the jump, the offender was injured. He was detained and taken to a local hospital by law enforcement officers.

The reasons and circumstances of the incident are being established. Other passengers on the flight were not injured.

Earlier, in the Croatian city of Split, a Boeing 737-7Q8 plane of Smartwings company, which was flying from Prague, urgently landed due to a message about a bomb planted on board. No explosive device was found.

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