In the Suez Canal, a traffic jam formed from ships

Unblocking the channel may take several weeks. Eight tugboats are working to move the stranded vessel.

In the Suez Canal, due to a stranded container ship, the movement of ships is blocked, a huge traffic jam of ships has formed. This is reported by the BBC.

It is reported that the old part of the canal has been opened so far to partially relieve traffic jams.

The canal was blocked by the Panamanian container ship Ever Given, which was en route to Rotterdam from China.

It is noted that the ship blocked the movement of the channel in both directions. According to the Norwegian Shipowners  Association, a total of 150 vessels are blocked in the Suez Canal area.

“We can’t rule out that it (unblocking the channel) could take several weeks, depending on the situation,” said the head of the Boskalis company, which is trying to free the ship.

The Suez Canal Authority said eight tugboats were working to move the vessel.

About 12% of the world’s cargo passes through the Suez Canal, it connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and provides the shortest sea connection between Asia and Europe.

Recall, on March 24 in Egypt, a cargo container ship ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal.

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