In the Czech Republic, thanks to quarantine, the increase in COVID has significantly decreased

The incidence fell eightfold, as the country introduced strict quarantine after the worsening of the epidemic situation.

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In the Czech Republic, the number of new cases of coronavirus dropped to two thousand a day, although a week ago the daily incidence reached almost 16 thousand new patients. It was reported by Reuters on Monday, November 16.

The Czech Ministry of Health reported 1,887 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday. The last time such statistics was observed on October 4.

At the same time, in recent weeks, the country has recorded a rapid increase in the incidence, one of the largest in Europe. The Czech Republic even topped the list of countries in terms of the number of deaths from COVID-19 per capita.

At the same time, thanks to the introduction of strict quarantine, which has been in effect in the country since October 22, the incidence has been reduced eight times.

As reported, in early November in the Czech Republic set a new death record from coronavirus.

Earlier, the Czech authorities introduced a ban on the night movement of citizens due to the pandemic. Also, citizens were advised to limit social contacts, and employers were asked to transfer workers to a remote form of work as much as possible.

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