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In Spain, the scandal erupted over the vaccination of the king’s sisters in the UAE

The sisters of King Felipe VI of were vaccinated against the  in Abu Dhabi last month while visiting their father, sparking outrage in their homeland, where most Spaniards are still awaiting vaccinations.

Reported by Reuters.

Elena de Bourbon and her sister Christina visited former King Juan Carlos, who has been living in the United Arab Emirates since he left in August at the height of the scandal.

It is not yet known how the king’s sisters were vaccinated, as the UAE provides free vaccinations only to residents and citizens and requires a valid ID.

“It is very unpleasant, very ugly,” Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz commented on the of the monarch’s sisters, adding that it is wrong for members of the royal family to get vaccinated, while in Spain many doctors and people at risk are still waiting for the vaccination.

Spain aims to vaccinate 70% of its 47 million population by summer, but now only 1.3 million are fully vaccinated, which is about 2.7% of the total.

Elena de Bourbon, 57, had to wait several weeks for her turn to be vaccinated in Spain, while her sister officially resides in Switzerland.

A source at the royal palace stated that the sisters do not bother the king as they are technically no longer part of the royal family since their father abdicated the throne.

The King of Spain, Queen Letizia, and their daughters will receive vaccinations when it is their turn.

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