In Spain, one-fifth of the population is immune to COVID-19

In Spain, almost 20% of the population has collective immunity to coronavirus.

These are the findings of a study by the leading Spanish Epidemiological Society (SEE), reports Eur News with reference to The Local.

So, according to the study, 19% of the population are immune to coronavirus, in total it is 9.7 million people.

We are talking about those who have either been vaccinated or have already suffered disease and received antibodies to fight the virus.

According to preliminary estimates by the Carlos III Institute of Health, 4.7 million people had antibodies to the virus.

Another two million people have received immunity since the fall, and three million have received the vaccine.

SEE spokesman Joan Caila told Spanish medical publication Redaccion Medica that the figure should ideally reach 70% of the population by summer.

This allowed the number of  cases to decrease and the tourism industry to reopen.

Kayla said those who have had the virus should wait six months until they are diagnosed before they can receive vaccinations. Those without the virus should have priority in getting the vaccine.

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