In Spain, because of fake messages, thousands of people came to the vaccination center

More than four thousand people without an appointment came to the center in Seville, Spain, because of a fake spread in the WhatsApp messenger that everyone can get vaccinated against the coronavirus, the ABC newspaper reports.

In the afternoon, the regional government of Andalusia warned on that the messages distributed on WhatsApp contain false information.

However, earlier in the morning, a crowd of people gathered outside the center. Two thousand people waited for their legal turn to be vaccinated on Thursday, mostly all over 80 years old — they were notified from the Ministry of Health about the need to visit the center on this day. About four thousand more people came without an invitation, believing the rumor in WhatsApp.

As the government told the publication, such a crowd of people prevented an orderly process.

Sources told the newspaper that lawyers for the Andalusian health service have filed a complaint with the national police. The complaint pointed out that this is not the first time that such rumors are spreading in Spain, and it is necessary to find out who is behind the fakes.

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