In Saudi Arabia, an explosion thundered at a ceremony with the participation of diplomats

Entrance to the cemetery that became the site of the terrorist attack in Jeddah

A took place in a non-Muslim cemetery during the annual ceremony marking the end of the First World War. The ceremony was attended by representatives of European consulates.

In the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, an explosion occurred in a non-Muslim cemetery during a ceremony marking the anniversary of the end of the First World War. The event was attended by foreign consuls, Al Jazeera reports, citing a statement from the French Foreign Ministry.

The ceremony was attended by diplomats from France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, and the USA.

It is known that a grenade was detonated. Four people were slightly injured.

“The embassies who took part in the ceremony condemn this attack. They call on the Saudi Arabian authorities to shed as much light as possible on this attack, as well as to find the culprits,” the French Foreign Ministry said.

The incident is being investigated.

Recall that a special operation against radical Islamists has started in Austria. The police are working on 70 suspects and several organizations suspected of supporting terrorists.

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