In Romania, the AstraZeneca vaccine is offered to everyone

Romanian authorities have announced that anyone can now get the AstraZeneca without an appointment at the centers, as demand for it decreases.

This is reported by Euractiv.

About half a million people are registered on waiting lists, but many centers have free dates for AstraZeneca vaccinations.

The vaccine’s reputation has been marred by reports of rare blood clots and various restrictions on its use around the world.

Romania first allowed the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine only for people under the age of 55, but later lifted the age limit.

The country continued to introduce the vaccine even when other countries briefly stopped using it, but the news report still influenced the opinion of local residents.

According to data presented last week, as of March, about a third of people who were prescribed an AstraZeneca injection did not show up for an appointment.

As reported, the European Commission decided not to renew contracts for the vaccine next year with companies such as AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson.

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