In Paris, the Arc de Triomphe was covered with a cloth

In Paris, the Arc de Triomphe was covered with a cloth

The author of the project, which was approved in 2017, is the artist Christo. However, he will not be able to see his creation.

One of the most famous symbols of the French capital of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, has been covered with fabric according to the design of the American artist Christo. It was reported on Tuesday, September 14, by DW magazine.

Wrapped in a blue and silver fabric, the new installation will be open to the public from September 18 to October 3.

According to the publication, Cristo dreamed of wrapping the arch back in the 1960s, but the project wasn’t approved until 2017. The artist did not live to see this day (he died last spring), but the project was carried out according to his drawings and blueprints. Christo’s nephew supervised the work.

As reported by local media, to “dress” the famous monument, several teams of climbers climbed up to it. They have deployed a total of 25,000 square meters of cloth. Some of them weighed more than a ton.

The cost of the project was 14 million euros. The funds were provided by the administrators managing Cristo’s estate. Collected them by selling a number of his works.

As you know, the artist previously wrapped in fabric Reichstag in Berlin, made a curtain in Colorado, covered the floating piers on Lake Iseo in Italy. All the projects were free for visitors and financed solely through the sales of Christo’s works.

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