In Paris, restaurants were drawn 300 protocols for clandestine work during a lockdown

In Paris, over five months of strict quarantine, they drew up 300 protocols against restaurants that were caught clandestinely receiving visitors.

As Le Figaro writes, this was reported by the French Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Restaurants are not allowed to host guests from October 30, 2020. Since then, 7345 inspections have been carried out, which resulted in 300 reports of violations. At the same time, it is not specified whether we are talking about 300 different establishments.

The department said that checks are carried out in the same way throughout the country. “There is no such thing that there is an elite who can continue to feast, and other people who are checked. The rules are valid for everyone,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen said on the air of Europe 1.

A spokesman for the Alliance Police Nationale said more than 5.5 million inspections had been carried out nationally since mid-December, resulting in nearly half a million reports on “many hundreds” of restaurants.

The issue of the underground work of the establishments became actual against the background of reports that a number of restaurants allegedly systematically violate the ban on receiving guests and that several ministers are their clients.

On Sunday, the prosecutor of the Republic said that an investigation had been launched into these reports to find out whether parties were actually organized in the “closed” restaurants and who were the organizers and participants.

According to the current rules, restaurateurs face a fine of 500 euros for clandestine work and a one-time loss of payment from the “coronavirus” support for the business fund. Guests are subject to a €135 fine for visiting a “closed” restaurant.

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