In New York, an icon with Donald Trump appeared

In New York, an icon with Donald Trump appeared

A huge icon depicting has appeared in the center of New York. The artist called the US leader “the golden calf of our time.”

A diptych was installed on the wall of St. Thomas Church in downtown New York, in which the head of the White House, Donald Trump, is depicted in the image of a saint. The American president is holding a book with blank pages. A of the Trump icon was posted on Instagram by artist David Datuna.

“The golden calf of our time”, — the artist signed his publication on the social network. According to his idea, the meaning of the picture is that in reality, the politician does not defend any ideas.

“This work symbolizes the duality of reality. Today’s reality is this: our country was captured by a self-proclaimed saint who preaches” nothing “, every day pulling us deeper into his selfish emptiness and forcing us to worship him as the Golden Calf. It’s time to turn this page”, — posted by Datong.

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