In Italy, the first case of COVID was in November 2019

The coronavirus was detected in an Italian child on November 21 last year, long before COVID-19, according to the official version, entered the country.

In Italy, the first case of coronavirus was detected last November, which is at least three months earlier than the first officially declared COVID case in the country. The corresponding discovery was made by scientists from the Milan state University, ANSA reported on Wednesday, December 9.

So, according to the results of the study, the first case of coronavirus was discovered in November 2019 in a four-year-old boy.

It is noted that on November 21, he became ill due to a cough and runny nose. The doctors thought it was just measles.

But only after taking tests from him, the boy was confirmed to have a coronavirus.

It is noted that the first case of coronavirus was established in Italy less than three months earlier than the authorities officially announced the “patient N1” from Lombardy.

Earlier it was reported that the first cases of COVID-19 in the United States were in December 2019, which is a few weeks earlier than the authorities said.

Earlier, the WHO stated that the first coronavirus infection in the world could have occurred as early as December 2019.

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