In Italy, the emergency regime is extended until July 31

The Scientific and Technical Committee under the Government of announced the need to extend the emergency regime in force in the country from the end of January 2020 to July 31 this year. This was announced on Tuesday, April 20, by the official representative of the committee, President of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) Silvio Brusaferro.

According to him, given the current overload of territorial and hospital services and possible scenarios for the development of the epidemiological situation, he supported the government’s intention to extend the emergency regime. The representative of the committee noted that such a measure would ” contribute to the implementation of restrictive measures and the maintenance of the campaign.”

Under the emergency regime, all major decisions related to containing the spread of CAVID-19 and overcoming the consequences of the pandemic are promptly taken by the Italian Government without mandatory approval in Parliament.

The final decision on this issue will be made at one of the next meetings of the Government of the Republic.

On April 16, Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed due to the situation from April 26. In the meantime, the country has strict restrictions: entertainment and sports facilities, bars and restaurants, museums, theaters, and cinemas are closed.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, from April 5 to April 11, the country saw a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 — 160.5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to the previous week with 210.8 cases. However, the ministry warned that the indicators are still far from safe levels.

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