In Italy, four suspects were arrested in the financing of the Islamic State

In Italy, four suspects were arrested in the financing of the Islamic State

On Monday, Italian police said they had arrested four men accused of sending funds to people across Europe and the Middle East who were collecting money on behalf of the Islamic State.

This is reported by Reuters.

Four men are suspected of sending 30 thousand euros through a money transfer agency in the city of Andreya in south-eastern Italy to 42 persons who were engaged in fundraising for militants in countries such as Serbia, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, and Russia.

Further investigations showed that the same 42 people received up to 1 million euros of suspicious transfers from other sources, said Luca Cioffi, a colonel in the Italian tax police.

The payments of the men arrested on Monday include 5,000 euros sent to two Russians, a few days before the attack on a church in southern Russia, which killed five women, Cioffi said.

Investigators are still trying to determine the source of the funds: “The people arrested today are unemployed and have no income, so investigations are still ongoing to establish who gave them money to send abroad.”

The began in 2017 after reports by Paris prosecutors about two transfers of 950 euros from a small agency in southern Italy to a Lebanese citizen, whom the French consider being a collector of money for foreign fighters in Syria.

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