In India, a coronavirus survivor was diagnosed with «green mold»

In India, a coronavirus survivor was diagnosed with «green mold»

In India, doctors have identified against the background of previously diagnosed fungal diseases “black”, “white” and “yellow mold” in patients who have coped with the coronavirus, the disease “green mold”. We are talking about a patient from the city of Indore.

It is noted that this case is probably the first in the country. A 34-year-old man has been treated at a clinic in Indore for the past 1.5 months. The infection affected 90% of his lungs. The patient managed to recover from COVID-19, but then he began to bleed from the nose, the temperature rose.

The doctors thought he had mucormycosis, or ” black mold.” But during the examination, it was found that the man has “green mold” — a type of aspergillosis, a fungal infection. Now the patient has been brought to the Mumbai clinic for treatment.

“During the diagnosis, his lungs revealed the presence of a green fungus, which is different from mucormycosis, or black fungus. This is, presumably, the first incident of infection with “green mold” in the country, ” Apurva Tiwari, an employee of the state health department, explained to the media.

Against the background of the strengthening of the pandemic in India, a sharp increase in the number of cases of fungal diseases among the winners of the was recorded. Previously, cases of “black”, “white” and “yellow mold” were registered. So, on June 11, 31,216 cases were reported in the country, the number of deaths due to this fungal disease reached 2,109.

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