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In Germany, they sell fake vaccination certificates for 150 euros

Journalists of the program Report Mainz, which is broadcast by the German broadcaster ARD, claim that they exposed the sellers of fake certificates.

This is reported by DW.

According to a journalistic investigation, the so-called “ passports” (Impfpasse), which operate in Germany, are offered for sale in several groups in the Telegram messenger.

Ads for the sale of certificates, which, according to journalists, can be bought for 150 euros, are accompanied by photos with seals, signatures, and stickers with the numbers of the vaccine batches.

If you believe the data from the seals, they come from large centers in cities such as Bonn, Frankfurt is Main, Munich, Dusseldorf, Ausburg, or Frankenthal. The Report Mainz journalists managed to obtain such fake” vaccination passports “ that are almost impossible to distinguish from the original ones.

Also, the editors of Report Mainz managed to personally talk to one of the sellers of fake certificates. He said that he receives requests to buy certificates from all over Germany, and in one day he sold more than 30 documents. The cost of one “ passport” is 150 euros, but when purchased together, it offers discounts — for example, two for 200 euros or ten for just 1250 euros.

The criminal police department of the state of Hesse, which was contacted by the journalists, assured that they are keeping an eye on the sale of fake certificates, and appropriate investigations will be carried out against the sellers caught by Report Mainz.

German law provides for criminal liability for both the production and distribution, as well as for the use of such certificates. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that empty forms of “vaccination passports” can be bought on the free market, which contributes to an increase in the supply of falsified documents.

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