In Germany, they called for the introduction of a “transitional” lockdown

In Germany, the head of North-Rhine — Westphalia, and chairman of the Christian Democratic Union, Armin Laschet, called for the introduction of a “transitional”  in the country to combat the third wave of the  pandemic. This is reported by Reuters.

“We are close to the goal. We need to make additional efforts, and I call for this today, “ Laschet said.

He added that this measure is necessary because of the high incidence. The minister also recalled the words of experts who say that mass testing for and contact tracking as a method of controlling the spread of the virus work only with a low incidence. According to Laschet, a curfew imposed by local and regional authorities can be added to the new lockdown.

The  may last two to three weeks, Laschet said. He called for the preservation of the remote work mode, as well as not to open public catering establishments for visitors.

In addition, the head of the North Rhine proposed to hold a meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of the regions, scheduled for April 12, this week.

A nationwide regime of restrictive measures has been in effect in since November 2 last year. It began to soften in February 2021.

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