In Finland withdraws draft law on travel restrictions

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced that the government is withdrawing the draft law on restrictions on movement.

This is reported by Yle.

“The government believes that through the verdict of the Constitutional Committee, the proposal to temporarily restrict freedom of movement and close contacts should be withdrawn from the parliament. An extraordinary meeting of the State Council will be held today, “ Marin said.

The Prime Minister recalled that the situation with the  is still serious and unnecessary close contacts should be avoided.

“Easter should be spent only with close people and you should avoid traveling, which is not an urgent need. At the end of the day, the way we all act affects the situation the most, “ Marin said.

Recall, the Constitutional Committee of the Finnish Parliament called unconstitutional the general ban on leaving the house, which the government proposes to introduce to combat the  epidemic. The ban, however, provided for a wide list of exceptions, covering most of the daily affairs of people.

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