In England, protests and riots against the police law again

In Bristol, England, on the evening of March 26, a protest against the bill to expand the powers of the police gathered again. The action began peacefully, but late in the evening escalated into clashes.

It is reported by Sky News.

The project, against which the people are protesting, will give the police in England and Wales more authority to set the conditions for peaceful protests, including if they are deemed too loud or harmful for any other reason.

About a thousand people went to the rally with the slogan “Kill the Bill” in the city center in the afternoon. People shouted” Justice for Sarah “(Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped on the street and killed in early March, the suspect is a London police officer) AND” Who are you protecting. ” Some turned on the music and danced.

Before the start of the protest, the police urged not to go to it, citing the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Around 10 pm, when the police ordered the people to disperse, clashes broke out.

Daily Mirror journalist Matthew Dresch complained that force was used against him, despite the fact that he covered the protest as a reporter and did not pose any threat to law enforcement.

During the evening, 10 people were detained, of which three were detained for their actions during the riots last Sunday, March 21.

Prime Minister condemned the violent protesters the next day.

“Our police should not be bombarded with stones, bottles, and fireworks from the crowd, inclined to violence and pogroms. The police and the city have my full support,” he said.

Let us remind you that the first action took place in the afternoon of March 21. At first, the protest was peaceful but later escalated into riots, during which two police cars were burned and windows in the police station were broken. As a result of the clashes, more than 20 law enforcement officers were injured, two of them were serious, and seven protesters were detained.

At the next meeting on the evening of March 23, there were no violent clashes, but 14 people were detained.

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