In Britain, with “winter” infection rates, there are many times fewer deaths

In Britain, with “winter” infection rates, there are many times fewer deaths

In Britain, the increase in  infections has approached the highest levels of the previous, winter wave, and the number of deaths from complications in the last 24 hours was the highest since March. At the same time, this is several times less than at the peak of the winter wave of the epidemic with the same incidence rates.

This was reported by Sky News.

After the lowest figures in May — about 2 thousand new patients daily — the increase of infections is gradually growing, which is associated with the spread of a more infectious strain of “Delta”.

In the past 24 hours, 46,558 new  cases and 96 deaths have been reported. What age group most of the new cases and deaths belong to was not specified. On Friday and Saturday, the number of infections exceeded 50,000 a day.

Last Tuesday, 36,660 infections and 50 deaths were reported.

Note that when at the peak of the winter wave there were hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand deaths a day, now, with similar rates of increase in infections, there are many times fewer deaths.

In the past 7 days, 4,500 patients have been hospitalized with coronavirus, a 38.4% increase over the previous week.

Despite the growing epidemic, the government still decided to lift most quarantine restrictions in England as of July 19.

Of Britain’s estimated 66.6 million population, more than 46 million people have been vaccinated against the  in at least the first dose, and 36.2 million have already completed their vaccinations.

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