In Britain outraged by the statement of Prince Harry about the “narrow-mindedness” of the media

The editors-in-chief of the British media called Prince Harry’s words about the “narrow-mindedness” of the British press inadmissible. This is stated in a statement by the executive director of the British chief editor Ian Murray.

According to him, the British media are not narrow-minded, and attacks from and his wife Meghan Markle will not force them to deviate from the most important mission of bringing the “rich and powerful” to justice.

Murray also added that such accusations by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were inadmissible without evidence.

“If it is simply that the Duke and Duchess consider it racism that the media question their actions and comment on their functions, given that the work of the royal family is funded by taxpayers, then they are wrong,” the director said.

In addition, Murray recalled that the engagement and wedding of and Meghan Markle, as well as their charitable activities, were covered by the British media from a positive side. However, this does not mean that the press should refuse to cover the assessment of the lifestyle and actions of the spouses, the director added.

In an interview with American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, which aired in the United States on Sunday, March 7, said that the British press is narrow-minded, especially the tabloids. According to him, if the source of information is vicious in nature, racist or biased, then this applies to the rest of society. Prince Harry’s wife Meghan accuses British tabloids of racism and harassment of her personally.

During the same interview, Meghan Markle said that before she and her husband made the decision to give up their royal duties, she had thoughts of suicide.

During the interview, she also spoke about the concerns of the royal family over her child’s skin color. Markle said she was upset by the royal family’s decision not to honor their firstborn as a prince.

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