In Berlin, 60 police officers were injured in clashes with left-wing radicals

In Berlin, 60 police officers were injured in clashes with left-wing radicals

In Berlin, the intention of law enforcement officers to inspect a house turned by left-wing activists into a “territory for their own”, led to clashes.

This is reported by Spiegel and Tagesspiegel.

Many years ago, left-wing activists turned the house on Rizhskaya Street 94 into a”territory for their own”.

The reason for the unrest is considered to be a planned inspection of the building on Thursday, June 17, to check compliance with fire safety standards. In this regard, the police in advance banned meetings in the block and parking on some sections of the street from Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening. During this period, only residents of these houses were allowed to enter the barricaded area.

Police on Wednesday morning were met with barricades of tires, barbed wire, and other improvised materials, which in addition were set on fire and stones. The activists were about two hundred people, in they said that they were “defending the autonomous zone”.

Law enforcement officers used special equipment to clear the barricades and a water cannon. In the afternoon, the situation calmed down, the police still set up barriers.

The police report about 60 injured employees.

In connection with the events, the Berlin Senator for Internal Affairs, Andreas Geisel, canceled participation in the meeting with colleagues from other lands.

“Those who set fire to tires on the streets of the city are not fighting for the free spaces of the “left”, but are intimidating the residents of the local community,” he said.

The house has become a meeting place for left-wing activists since the 90s. In October last year, police broke up a similar club nearby on Liebigstrasse 34, known as Liebig 34. Previously, there were much more similar territories in Berlin.

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