In Argentina, a criminal case was opened on the death of Diego Maradona

The footballer passed away on November 25 at the age of 60. Heart failure was the official cause.

In Argentina, a criminal case has been opened into the death of footballer Diego Maradona. Law enforcers are checking whether there was negligence on the part of medical workers who monitored the player’s health after the operation. This was announced on Friday, November 27, by the Todo Noticias TV channel.

According to journalists, 12 hours before his death, Maradona was not under the proper supervision of medical workers. The police will check the CCTV footage and will also run a blood test for any toxic residues.

In particular, the prosecutor’s office will interrogate nurse Gisela, who made sure that Maradona took the necessary drugs. It is noted that law enforcement officers have data, according to which Gisela did not give Maradona one of the pills on the morning he died.

The statement of Diego Maradona’s lawyer, Matias Morla, is also being investigated, according to whom Maradona was unattended for 12 hours before his death by the medical personnel who were hired to monitor his condition.

Diego Maradona died on November 25 at the age of 61 from cardiac arrest. He felt bad when he was at home. The ambulance doctors who arrived could not save him.

Earlier it was reported that Diego Maradona was buried in a private cemetery in Buenos Aires, but the Argentine himself bequeathed to embalm his body and open access to it.

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