Illegal migrants staged a riot in Lithuania

Illegal migrants staged a riot in Lithuania

Illegal migrants staged a riot in the Lithuanian city of Ignalina. This was announced by the mayor of the Ignalinsky district, Eustace Rasikas reports Delfi.

There are 50 illegal immigrants in the local camp. Rasikas noted that the conflicts began after the girl who had been ill with COVID-19 was returned there. He stated that she refused to return to the premises provided to her and staged riots together with the rest of the migrants. The mayor stressed that she had already been taken “somewhere to the border”, separated from the rebellious neighbors.

Rasikas also said that the residents of the camp are putting forward more and more demands to the Lithuanian authorities.

“Our migrants refused to eat. They demanded to return their mobile phones to them. Discontent is growing, let’s say, “ he explained.

The mayor said that the local authorities began to return mobile phones to illegal immigrants, and also pledged to allocate more territory for their walks.

At the same time, he drew attention to the problem of providing migrants with food. According to him, if the government continues to pay 5.85 euros with VAT for each person’s food, it will be unrealistic to find service providers.

Earlier, the Belarusian media published a video of a shooting on the border of Lithuania and Belarus. Lithuanian border guards opened fire on illegal migrants from the Middle East.

In early July, the Lithuanian authorities introduced a state of emergency due to the influx of refugees from the territory of Belarus. According to the Lithuanian Border Guard Service, the number of such migrants has increased by more than 20 times compared to 2020.

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