IKEA caught on long-term espionage

IKEA caught on long-term espionage

An IKEA subsidiary in France has been found guilty of long-term spying on staff. The management of the branch was caught spying on employees and applicants for employment with the assistance of private detectives and police officers, writes the BBC.

The Versailles court proved the guilt of the management of the French division of the Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA in the illegal surveillance of staff from 2009 to 2012. 400 people were affected by the interference in their private lives. The company was fined one million euros in compensation for the victims of espionage.

Representatives of IKEA France paid detectives to thoroughly check applicants and employees: lifestyle, criminal records. It was established that the managers of the chain of stores used the services of the security company Eirpace, which collected personal data about the right individuals in law enforcement agencies. One of the company’s managers told the court that he received confidential information from a cousin in the police. The collected dossiers influenced the future destinies of people in the company.

The scandal was exposed by journalists, then the trade unions took up the case and filed a collective complaint of the staff against the company’s management in court. There were 15 people in the dock, including both top managers and ex-managers of IKEA France. The former director-general of the French division, Jean-Louis Bayot, was sentenced to two years of probation and a fine of 50 thousand euros. For the illegal transfer of personal data about employees to the management of the supermarket chain, four police officers were also punished.

In early June, a scandal over the improper treatment of workers broke out over the world-famous beer company BrewDog. Dozens of former employees of the brewery accused the founders of the plant of humiliation and intimidation, which often led to mental problems for employees.

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