Hungary to ease quarantine after vaccinating 25% of population

The Hungarian government has considered proposals from business groups to ease  restrictions and decided to wait until 2.5 million of the country’s 10 million residents receive the first dose of the vaccine.

This was stated by the head of the Prime Minister’s administration, Gergely Guyash, according to Reuters.

The government expects that this indicator will be achieved a few days after Easter Monday (April 4)

“We need another big effort to overcome the peak of the third wave of the pandemic,” Guiyash said.

After the border is passed, shops will be able to work until 21: 30, and the night curfew will start at 22: 00 instead of 20: 00 as it is now. The number of people allowed at the same time in the stores will be limited.

Services may be partially open. Teachers and school staff will be vaccinated so that schools can open on April 19.

reported a record daily number of deaths from  — 275 people and 11,265 new infections on Friday.

The number of hospitalizations and people on artificial lung ventilation is also at an all-time high: doctors compare the situation with the worst days of the global pandemic.

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