Hungarian authorities plan to introduce a lockdown in the country from November 11th

Quarantine measures will be introduced by the Hungarian authorities from November 11, 9 November, reports the portal of the Hungarian government About Hungary.

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According to the portal, quarantine measures will be introduced for 30 days.

Hungary will introduce a curfew from 20:00 to 05:00. All cafes, bars, and restaurants, which will be able to work only for delivery, will be closed to visitors. It is forbidden to hold public events and various meetings. Holding sports events will be possible only in the absence of spectators. Store opening hours are limited to 19:00.

In addition, high school students of Hungarian schools and students of higher educational institutions of the country are transferred to distance learning mode.

The government undertakes to compensate entrepreneurs for the losses associated with the introduction of restrictive measures. In addition, it is obliged to pay 50% of the salary to employees on the condition that they keep their jobs at enterprises and continue to pay their salaries.

To introduce quarantine measures, on November 10 the Hungarian parliament will consider granting the government extraordinary powers.

It should be reminded that since the beginning of the pandemic in Hungary about 155 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were revealed. About 2.5 thousand people died of the consequences of infection.

It should be also noted that quarantine measures proposed by the Hungarian government are similar to those taken against coronavirus spreading by Austrian authorities.

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