How Facebook Intimidates iPhone Owners

How Facebook Intimidates iPhone Owners

Instagram and convince users of the benefits of collecting their personal data

Facebook Corporation continues its campaign against the update of the operating system iOS 14.5 from Apple, which forbade to collect personal data of the owner of the smartphone by default. Instagram Facebook is now assuring its users that surveillance is necessary because it allows them to keep Facebook and Instagram free.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram started receiving notifications after the iOS operating system was updated to the latest version 14.5, stating that the collection of user’s personal data allows companies to” not charge a fee for use, “ The Verge reports.

The first strange messages were noticed by tech researcher Ashkan Soltani, who shared screenshots on his account. Facebook Instagram requests the user to allow surveillance of their online activity, including ensuring that the social network and Instagram owned by it remain free.

The thing is that the new version of iOS has introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature. Now, after installing the update, all applications will need to request and receive consent to track user activity on the Internet.

Previously, apps could do this by default, accumulating information about the interests and habits of the device owner for further display of relevant ads.

Such actions on the part of could be prevented by prohibiting the collection of user information, but this feature was hidden deep in the system settings.

One of the most ardent critics of the innovation was and still is Facebook, which sees this as a threat to its business because collecting the maximum amount of data about the user helps to qualitatively configure targeted advertising, which is one of the main sources of income for the social network. At the same time, the Zuckerberg corporation also claims that is not trying to care about user privacy with its new feature, but only thinks about its revenue — in an official statement, Facebook says that the Cupertino’s are trying to lobby for a new business model for applications that will depend more on subscriptions than on advertising. This will allow Apple to promote its numerous services that work in a similar way.

However, Facebook’s veiled request to “allow surveillance in the settings for your own good” looks no less dubious.

Moreover, the phrase “keep Facebook free” contradicts the company’s long-standing slogan, which says that the social network is free for everyone “and always will be”. It is worth noting that in 2019, the company quietly removed this slogan from its page, and Zuckerberg himself did not rule out the appearance of a new paid variation of the social network, but stressed that “the free version of Facebook will always be available.”

Obviously, in this situation, the two IT giants are trying to protect their business from each other, pushing the concern for users to the background. In any case, cybersecurity experts recommend minimizing the transfer of personal data to services and applications in order to protect yourself from both unwanted advertising and possible abuse by cybercriminals.

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