Houses in Austria will be heated at the expense of “extra” wind energy

Houses in Austria will be heated at the expense of “extra” wind energy

Construction is underway on the site where 2 tanks used to stand / Photo: Wien Energie

The construction of a special system that converts environmentally-friendly electricity into heat has already begun in Vienna

A system for converting excess green electricity into heat is being built in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The project is being handled by the city’s electricity, and heat supplier Wien Energie. It is assumed that the object guarantees that energy will not be wasted and will contribute to the stability of the network.

The system is planned to be put into operation in the spring of 2022. The facility is being built on the site where two tanks used to stand. They will be replaced by two tanks with heaters of 5 MW each, which are mainly designed for the use of renewable energy, reports BalkanGreenEnergy.

“Such systems as the new energy-to-heat conversion system are of particular importance for climate protection. For example, in strong winds, wind turbines often generate more energy than is currently needed. With our system, we will be able to absorb this excess electricity at the touch of a button and convert it into heat, accumulate and distribute it,” explained Michael Strebel, CEO of Wien Energie.

When there is an excess of energy in the network, the Austrian transmission system operator APG will inform the local company to activate the installation, which will heat the water to 155 degrees Celsius. The water will be supplied directly to the district heating network.

The power supply system should be integrated with supply and district heating systems in order to minimize costs due to the use of excess power. This is especially useful for district heating companies in the early morning when they can use the excess electricity accumulated in the network overnight to cover the morning peak — that’s when they switch from night to day heating mode.

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