Head of opposition media executed in Iran

Ruhollah Zama, head of the opposition news portal AmadNews, was executed in this morning.

According to Reuters, the dissident was executed by hanging, reported on national television. Zama was found guilty of “corruption on Earth” — such a verdict is often passed in the cases of oppositionists or suspects of espionage and attempts to overthrow the Iranian government.

Zama was detained in October 2019 and charged with a number of charges, including “actions against the country’s internal and external security, widespread fakes, assistance in destroying the country’s and espionage for the intelligence services of France, the United States, and Israel.”

The executed journalist’s website and Telegram channel covered Iranian anti-government in 2017-18.

We will remind, the Iranian court sentenced Sahara Tabar, the girl who posted on Instagram his distorted photos resembling zombies Angelina Jolie, to 10 years in prison.

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