Has the Pope recognized homosexual couples?

Pope Francis has spoken out in favor of legal recognition of homosexual partnerships: “People of homosexual orientation have the right to live as a family,” the pontiff said in an interview for a documentary entitled Francesco, which premiered Wednesday at the Rome Film Festival. The press discusses whether what has been said will entail any changes in Catholic teaching.

Pope Francis correctly interprets the signs of the times

In his article in La Repubblica, theologian and philosopher Vito Mancuso writes that the Pope’s words truly usher in a new era:

“He takes into account the unstoppable process now taking place on a global scale: homosexual relationships are now recognized as having the same dignity as heterosexuals. And in this sense, his words testify to the victory of reason. It must have been difficult for Dad to pronounce them. … However, by doing this, he proves that he is open to new things, possesses courage, the sobriety of judgment — and a prophetic gift. After all, here we are talking about how to be able to interpret the ‘signs of the times’, as required by the Gospel. And the undoubted sign of our time is precisely the need to overcome the dogmatic barriers of the past — so that love is not only proclaimed, but also filled with real content for everyone.“

Doesn’t equal marriage at all

As the Catholic newspaper Avvenire notes, all this does not mean that marriage and civil union are from now on equal:

“The Pope’s words about homosexuality came as a surprise only to those who have forgotten about his actions in recent years. … For example, about his lengthy statement in the post-synodal apostolic address Amoris Laetitia [The Joy of Love, 2016], in which he writes, among other orientations. … At the same time, it should not be forgotten that in the next paragraph he emphasizes that plans to equalize marriage and homosexual partnership have no basis. … Acceptance of homosexual people for Pope Francis is not opposed to the fact of a heterosexual family.“

Don’t jump to conclusions!

According to, this documentary should not be given too much importance:

“Before opening a second front against the head of the church, we should wait a bit until we see a full explanation of the position by Pope Francis. … The Pope does not announce a change in his position in his statements to the media. The teachings are reflected in documents that are binding on all believers. Obviously, there are many groups of influence, including the Freemasons, and they are all interested in changing the course of the church. They do their best to distort some of Francis’s statements — and create the impression of institutional change. Before you buy into this, you have to pay close attention to the facts.“

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