Hackers broke into an Apple supplier and leaked secret blueprints

The Taiwanese company Quantra Computer, which supplies gadgets and components for Apple, was the victim of hacking by the hacker group REvil, which is allegedly based in Russia. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the Russian-language appeal of in the darknet.

The attackers claim to have hacked into the corporate system of a key Apple supplier. As a confirmation of their words, they published 15 drawings of the yet-to-be-released MacBook. specifically waited for the spring presentation of Apple to make sure that the corporation does not announce new laptops on it.

The also stressed that they contacted Quanta Computers and told the company’s representatives about the hack, but they “did not show interest in buying back the stolen data.”

Now the extortionists have made demands on Apple: if the IT giant does not pay $50 million by May 1, will systematically publish parts of the leaked information to the public.

Apple has not yet responded to the demands of the hackers. The company also declined to comment to the media.

In addition to hacking, REvil hires partners to distribute ransomware on the network.

Experts in the field of cybersecurity believe that the group is based in because the bulk of its attacks are aimed at domestic organizations or firms in the CIS countries. Bloomberg journalists also call the ransomware “Russian hackers”.

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