Greta Thunberg monument at British university enraged students

The monument to the Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg, which was installed on the territory of the University of Winchester in the UK, led the students of the educational institution into a rage. This is reported by the “BBC”.

According to the student union, the 24 thousand pounds spent on the sculpture could have been “better spent”. Megan Ball, chairman of the association, stressed that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many students are unable to attend classes, are forced to study online, and need support. “We call on the university to allocate the amount that was spent on the statue to provide additional assistance to students,” she said.

However, the administration of the educational institution assured that the money from the support fund for students and employees for the installation of the monument was not spent. According to Professor Joy Carter, the university has spent £5.2 million on student support over the past year. She also expressed the hope that the statue will help “inspire the community” of the university.

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