Green Certificate of Vaccination: No luck for the unvaccinated?

Green Certificate of Vaccination: No luck for the unvaccinated?

On Thursday, the European Parliament approved the introduction of the so-called Green Certificate from the summer. It is planned that such a certificate will greatly simplify the travel process. The details of the innovation will now be discussed within the framework of the European Council by representatives of individual States. Then, each of the community countries will have to bring the Eurosertificate in line with its internal system for issuing vaccination certificates. The press speculates about whether all this will result in unfair discrimination against the unvaccinated.

Irritation is growing…

According to Lrt, such plans are fraught with the risk of another social explosion:

“Only those who have been vaccinated twice will receive this passport! This means that those who were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine this month will not see their passport until July. . Those who have been vaccinated with another vaccine can expect to receive a passport more quickly. … So it would be right to wait for mass vaccination. But when will it happen? At the end of May, in June? This means that the majority of the population will be able to get a certificate of only in the fall. This will only fuel discontent in a society that is already seething with indignation. And how is all this supposed to work technically? Will the certificate be issued in paper or electronic form? … Every technical problem or delay will annoy people even more.”

This won’t work for us! he believes that the population of Poland will also revolt against the privileges of vaccinated people because they will consider them unfair:

“Poles are an extremely egalitarian nation, at least when it comes to civil rights. This is a nation that finds it difficult to put up with even the current restrictions, which are exceptionally lenient compared to the measures taken in neighboring countries. Decisions that border on discrimination — or are interpreted in this way will not easily pass us. Even if the government comes up with a proposal to introduce such measures, the latter will eventually not be implemented — due to strong resistance from society.”

Discrimination looks different

Something can be done about unfair privileges, Corriere del Ticino says:

“In order not to infringe on the freedom of those who make a choice against the available drugs, we can make sure that the passport is issued to those who have already suffered and recovered, as well as to those who can present a test as long as three days ago — of course, a negative one. . The most important thing is that everyone who wants to get vaccinated can do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, people will have to conduct multiple tests (possibly at their own expense) in order to be able to move freely around the country and beyond. That would be real discrimination.”

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