Greece reports allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine

An allergic reaction to the Pfizer / BioNTech   was announced on December 28 by Primary Health Care Secretary-General Marios Themistokleous at a briefing at the Greek Ministry of Health.

Since the start of mass vaccination against coronavirus, she said one case of mild allergy to the vaccine has been recorded.

“As of 4 pm today, 471 people have been vaccinated in five hospitals in Athens. There was a reported case of a mild allergic reaction that was successfully dealt with, ” she said.

Vaccine allergies are normal, she said, as such reactions can occur to any drug or product.

“There are 1.3 cases per million doses. Similar to common allergies that we all have in the environment, such as food allergies, medications, various allergens such as powder or even Hymenoptera toxins like a wasp or bee stings, we all have had them in our history or something- something like that, these allergic reactions are not a contraindication to vaccination “, — Themistocles is sure.

She also noted that every medical center that vaccinates has the necessary drugs to fight allergies.

expects a large shipment of  vaccines on December 29. The total number of vaccines should be 83850.

In total, the country plans to receive about 1.2 million doses of the  vaccine.

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