Greece gave reasons for blocking the EU summit resolution on Turkey

The first draft resolution of the EU summit on relations with Turkey is unbalanced and unacceptable for Greece, said an official representative of the Greek government Stelios Petsas on October 1, speaking on television, reports the Greek newspaper Proto Thema.

Petsas stated that Greece insists on a resolution that includes at least four pillars. “The first pillar is, of course, real solidarity with Greece and Cyprus in the face of Turkish provocation,” he said.

The second is that the EU calls on Turkey to immediately stop all illegal mining in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, as well as all other provocative actions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The other two pillars, Petsas said, are linked to each other. The third pillar is a kind of “carrot”. According to this provision, Turkey must consistently and continuously demonstrate its desire for de-escalation, and all assistance to Turkey must be provided on these terms.

The fourth pillar is the “whip” in case Turkey does not demonstrate — all the same consistent and continuous — the intention of active de-escalation.

According to Petsas, in these positions, it is possible to prepare a draft conclusion acceptable to all. He emphasized that “it should not be so that we have only one side — “whip” or “carrot”.

According to him, there is still a lot of work to be done, and at night we should wait for the result that “will express the unity of the EU before such a partner as Turkey”.

We remind that the EU summit on relations with Turkey started on October 1. Greece and Cyprus insist on the list of sanctions against Turkey to force it to stop the illegal development of deposits in the Mediterranean Sea on the shelf of Greece and Cyprus.

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