Google Play Music closed completely and irrevocably

Users have less than a month to transfer data and save the music library

Google began the gradual process of shutting down its music streaming service Google Play Music back in October. Now Google Play Music is officially “dead”, finally and irrevocably, to all users around the world.

When opening the page or the application on Android and iOS, the user only receives the message Google Play Music is no longer available.

Alternatively, it is suggested to transfer your account and music library, including playlists and downloads, to YouTube Music for a limited time. You can also save your music library to your device until the end of the month, delete your recommendation history, or delete your music library.

The developers warn that if the user does not do this now, then all his music will be automatically deleted. You must switch to a new service or download your music library before the end of the month, otherwise, all data will be lost.

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