Google Play found photo editors and puzzles with malicious code

Google Play found photo editors and puzzles with malicious code

Play found dozens of applications through which fraudsters gained access to user messages. This was reported in McAfee Mobile Research.

users have downloaded a editor app, puzzle games, or screen wallpaper. The program during installation requested permission not only to view photos but also access to listen to notifications about new messages. The malware intercepted SMS messages and then made purchases without the user’s knowledge.

The scammers managed to circumvent Google’s application requirements. Before they get to Play, they go through the verification process, and fraudulent applications got thereby sending a “clean” version of the application for verification, and only after they implemented malicious code.

Potential victims of fraud can be more than 700,000 thousand users, in South-West Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, who managed to install these applications on their phones. It is reported that the scammers could also obtain information about the user’s mobile operator, phone number, and IP address.

Experts advise not to install suspicious applications, and also pay attention to the permissions that they request. An alarm signal can be a request for SMS and listening to notifications.

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