Google is ready to slow down the Chrome browser

Google is ready to slow down the Chrome browser

is considering slowing down the Chrome browser for the sake of user safety, according to the blog of the service team.

According to Chrome research, 70% of vulnerabilities are related to memory security. The experts considered three options that can save users from problems — checking compile time, runtime, and using safer programming languages.

The first method turned out to be unrealizable due to the peculiarities of the C++language. At the same time, the developers noted that you can use MiraclePtr to check the runtime, thanks to which you can get rid of 50% of vulnerabilities in Chrome. If the company decides to choose this option, the security of users will increase, but it can also lead to some problems with the performance and stability of the browser.

In addition, employees are considering using the Rust programming language to implement compilation verification.

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