Google improves search for protection from harassment

Google improves search for protection from harassment

The American search giant plans to modernize the mechanisms for protecting users from online harassment.

The search update is aimed at combating defamation and racy photos and videos.

regularly improves the search service, adding new features and changing the algorithms of the old ones, and now the specialists of the American corporation are working on a better mechanism to protect people from online harassment. The Multitask Unified Model (MUM) technology for finding answers to complex user queries was introduced last month after the service was updated. Now it is supplemented with the ability to manually report to the company about sites that illegally publish questionable information about people and then demand a fee for removing it from the Internet.

is already removing the relevant pages from the search results after reviewing the complaints received from the victims. If any resource publishes defamatory information, the search engine lowers the rating of the entire site. Google plans not only to “punish” a malicious site but also to lower the rating of all similar low-quality resources that appear in search results — this will help protect people about whom this or that unseemly information is repeatedly published, Google believes.

“For many years of search optimization, our approach has remained consistent: we take samples of queries for which we could not provide a high-quality result in search results, and look for ways to improve our algorithms. Our ability to solve such issues allows us to continue to lead the industry and we have used advanced technologies and tools over the past two decades to make search results better every day, “  says.

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