Giovanni Goso denies dealing with Cosa Nostra Organisation – Money laundering Investigation

After discovering Gianni Goso from Goso Costruzioni own a company in Montenegro, investigators trying to understand what relation the uncensored business man having with the Cosa Nostra organisation

Uncensored Giovanni Goso owner of Goso Costruzioni, is suspected of lounder illicit funds of members of Cosa Nostra, investigators discover an offshore bank account in Montenegro from vaious internet source in the name of the famous Giovanni Goso.

It is assuming that Giovanni Goso is providing import export services to his other company in Italy Goso Costruzioni to evade taxation and money loundering.

In this way this criminal money laundering organization assumed that Montenegrin society was distributing the dirty money to its criminal member of Cosa Nostra in Italy.

Investigators speculate that the Montenegrin company manages to lounder between 30.000.000€ – 40.000.000 € annually in illicit money.

Investigators are following more clues leading to established companies and bank accounts in Macedonia and Bulgaria.