Germany has declared Russia a danger zone under COVID

Germany has declared Russia a danger zone under COVID

The listing implies strict restrictions on entry conditions and quarantine, and the measure will take effect on June 29. Earlier France and Israel had included Russia into the list of countries with a high risk of spread of the coronavirus.

The Robert Koch Institute, one of Germany’s main research institutes under the Federal Ministry of Health, has declared Russia and Portugal “areas prone to the spread of new variants of coronavirus,” this will entail restrictions on conditions for entry, according to Reuters.

For those arriving in Germany from such zones, there is a mandatory two-week quarantine. Earlier, Great Britain was included in the list of countries where new strains of the virus are spreading.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported with reference to the Koch Institute that the decision to include Russia and Portugal in the list takes effect on Tuesday, June 29.

As the newspaper notes, entry from them is allowed to Germans and foreigners living in Germany. Upon arrival, they must go into a strict 14-day quarantine. It cannot be shortened, even if those entering have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, have contracted the disease, or have tested negative.

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