Germany extended coronavirus restrictions until the end of the year

At that, the citizens of the Federal Republic are promised that they will be relaxed during the Christmas vacations.

The partial quarantine regime in Germany will be extended till December 20, Chancellor Angela Merkel reported after negotiations with heads of federal states. The briefing on Wednesday, November 25, was broadcast on the government website.

“So far, the measures will continue to operate until December 20. We assume that the restrictions will remain in force until early January,” Merkel said.

The Chancellor stressed that earlier restrictions have stopped exponential growth, but the number of infestations in the country is still too high.

“The infection curve has become smoother, but this result cannot be satisfied,” Merkel said.

It is noted that from early December private meetings will be allowed only for a maximum of five people from two families.

For the period from December 23 to January 1, that is, for all Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, the rules will temporarily soften: during this period will be allowed meetings with a maximum of ten people, regardless of which family. In addition, the authorities will tighten the rules of visiting retail outlets — for every 10 sq. m. of space one visitor will be allowed, and in regions with a particularly tense situation for schoolchildren from the eighth grade will be introduced education in several shifts.

The quarantine regime has been in force in Germany since November 2. It was originally planned that it will last until December, but the dynamics of infection did not decrease to the desired level. Restaurants, bars, and other gastronomic facilities are now closed in the country, and only skillful people are allowed to sell dishes and drinks. Fitness clubs, tattoo salons, swimming pools, cosmetic and massage studios, theaters, cinemas, and concert halls are closed. Such a regime is called “partial lockdown” in Germany, because schools and kindergartens, as well as shopping centers, operate.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, over 18.6 thousand new cases of coronavirus have been detected in Germany in the past 24 hours. All in all, more than 532 thousand people were infected in the country, died of COVID-19 — 14.7 thousand. The past day became a record day in Germany for the number of reported fatal cases from coronavirus — 410.

It should be reminded that earlier WHO noted a record increase in COVID-19 cases during the week. In the Americas, there was an increase in the rate of both new cases and patient deaths.

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