Germany demanded to extend the lockdown

Several federal states of most affected by the  epidemic have demanded that the government extend the lockdown. This is reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Now the regime of severe restrictive measures established in is valid until January 10. Now from some regions, there has been a proposal to extend its validity until January 31, others demand to extend the bans for a shorter period, but continue monitoring the situation.

According to the newspaper, the federal government is leaning towards the option of continuing the  until January 31.

Since December 16, the German authorities have introduced the strictest quarantine in the entire history of the country due to the  pandemic. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged Germans not to see their relatives in person during the Christmas celebrations. He believes that it is possible to give gifts and spend time together later, but now it is necessary to cope with the epidemic.

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