German President went on self-isolation due to infection of a security guard

Germany fears a worsening situation with the coronavirus, which is why Chancellor Angela Merkel recorded a video message to the nation with a warning.

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier went into quarantine after his security guard confirmed the coronavirus. This was announced on Saturday, October 17, by the office of the German president.

The department noted that the infected person is an employee of the team of the Federal Office for Criminal Cases in charge of protecting the president, and this is a “contact person of the first degree.”

Steinmeier underwent the first express test, its result is negative, the result of the PCR test is still unknown.

On Sunday, Steinmeier planned to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair and present the virtual world prize of the German book trade to the Indian economist, philosopher, and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen (based in the USA).

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recorded a video message to the nation urging Germans to limit social contacts and minimize travel. According to her, there is a risk that the situation with the  in the country will worsen.

“I appeal to you: meet fewer people, both at home and on the street. Please refuse any travel that is not absolutely necessary, from any party that is not absolutely necessary … We must do everything. So that the virus does not get out of control, “Merkel said, stressing that” every day counts. “

Recall that in the EU countries, including Germany, massive anti-records for  are recorded for several days in a row. Anti-records in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Latvia were also reported today.

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