German Elections: Merkel’s Bloc Rating Slowly Approaching the Social Democrats

German Elections: Merkel's Bloc Rating Slowly Approaching the Social Democrats

Opinion polls on the eve of Germany’s on Sunday show a slow increase in support for Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc, although it still lags behind the Social Democrats (SPD).

This is reported by the agency DPA.

The latest poll presented by the Forsa Institute on Tuesday shows that support for the CDU/CSU alliance of Angela Merkel, who is not running in these elections, rose by one percentage point to 22 percent.

Merkel’s bloc is now three points behind the SPD and their candidate for chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The difference between the two political forces has thus halved from two weeks ago and is now close to the margin of error of the Forsa poll of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

Other polls showed a similar increase in the CDU/CSU last week.

“The Greens, who have been leading the race for chancellor for some time, have also increased support by one percentage point. But with 17 percent, the chances of their main candidate, Annalena Berbock, becoming chancellor are now very slim.

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